The difference between a side business – and a REAL BUSINESS!

Note – this post was ORGINALLY done on May 22, 2022 – before it mysteriously crashed. Here we go again!

And, for posterity …

While dealing with a company the other day, I had to finally GIVE UP.

I’m not going to mention them here, they were an alternative to some of the other companies we work with publishing wise – but upon first glance their site seemed – unappealing.

Not from a visual standpoint so much as page load speed, ease of use, etc.

Not to mention the lengthy forms and documentation they require for EVERYTHING – when NO-ONE else in that business does (which is fine, but combined with everything else, it’s just terrible) – and not to mention the fact they make it a PAIN IN THE ASS to not just upload books to their system to sell, but also to .. even “submit” them.

A total freaking pain in the ass, and I “done got the red ass” the other day dealing with them, deleted everything I had with them and so forth.

They keep sending me emails in Italian (it’s a site based out of Italy).

Like dude …

(to the guy that apparently runs it).

First thing you know, your business doesnt seem like a business, it seems like a SIDE business – not to mention they seem to think they’re Amazon in terms of publishing, but they ask for money for the smallest of things – in and as of itself not neccessarily bad if done right.

They dont just do it wrong, they do it super wrong (that company, and I wont name them here) …

Anyway – point of me publishing this HERE, on the blog of the PARENT company for and

Is this, my friend.

You may look at this site, and say – PAH!

(we only got online yesterday. Hehe. Wait a few more days!).

But the fact is this, you get a FEELING about something the minute you look at it – read it – whatever – VIBES, as I keep stating on another business is how the world functions, and you cannot fake them.

Looking at any of my sites, you cannot help but get the vibe it’s a real business, not just a part time “more cash” gig as so many people do (and then parade their businesses as being “real”).

Sorry and as Gorilla Girl Sophia would copy and paste –

“I dont mean to rain on your parade!”

It was so cute when she said that (not to me, hehe).

Same thing fitness wise, if you’re truly interested in lifelong health, fitness and strength – and all of the associated benefits, and being willing to DO what it takes – well, it’ll show – in EVERY area of your life whether you try or not, rather like a huge gut which shows no matter what you wear – or massive forearms and legs you can never disguise, or a turkey/chicken neck hehe.

Anyway …………..

First post here, be on the OUTLOOK for more.

I’ll have a sign up form etc, products etc – we’ll have it ALL up and running here too soon.

Until then, remember , if you want to publish with us – go HERE – you’ll never regret it!


Rahul Mookerjee