A question about Rolls Royce Engines

And not the human kinds either, hehe.

In comes from an email from Mohammad Jony in Bangladesh …

Sorry, first of all, lemme introduce myself.
My name is JonY from Bangladesh

I have a several questions
One of dam is

In that rolls Royce aircraft has big n thick ware that is wrapped with thick plastic which is also all of ware before mechanic get shocked once he goes for repair it when he or she feel to repair it( aircarf)
2nd how long the rolls Royce aircraft does stay over sky? And what is the voltage range of rolls royce engine capacity to be safety for all kind of passenger or travellers?

I have few more question to be answered by your inventors then I will forward these all mail the court as a matter risky for lives. Sry 4 being disturbance fellow
Bye 4 now.


I didnt quite know what to tell him there, nor did I quite understand.


It seems, from what it sounds like, although my eyes watered trying to decipher it – ole boy is trying to, or wants to …

“take fellow to court” (I’ve no idea why, he thinks “fellow” is creating a risk for lives??)

he said something about a “dam”, and then he asked what appears to be a, or several tech questions regarding Rolls Royce Engines.

Around here we’re not technical in that regard, my friend.

And the ONLY thing I got to say in this regard is that it prompted me to write this – and start a long dormant blog again – and, in the future, we’ll have an email list going here as well.

Stay tuned for that one, in the meantime, we know about – and a lot about – cranking human engines up in the best and most effective, efficient way possible.

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I dont know if that is what Mohammed wanted to hear. Hehe. Somehow I suspect not.

But, there it is …


Rahul Mookerjee